Sleep Well Plan

OurSleep Well Plan Ensure that you do sleep in night hours without any worry of your server or business, this plan is mainly for those who need someone to handle the servers and support only during night hours. Our support team will be working for you for 12 hours, 7 days a week thus providing you complete support.
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$ 95.00

Per Server / Monthly
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Unlimited Tickets Support

      • Semi Dedicated 12×7 Technical Team
      • Manage Unlimited Tickets 12×7 using Helpdesk (Kayako, PerlDesk etc…)
      • Escalate Tickets to Concerned Department if needed

Response Time 1 Hour as per SLA

      • Initial Response within 20 minutes to your Clients
      • Routine follow-up with the Tickets
      • Escalating Tickets to Proper Department (Sales or Billing)
      • Pre-Sales Support
      • Get Necessary Details from Clients to Fix the Issues Quickly

Server Management

      • Full Server Management Plan
      • Server Security
      • Service Optimizations
      • Linux ( cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin) Windows ( Plesk & Helm)

Communication with Datacenters

      • For Server Reboots (Via Ticket, Remote Console etc…)
      • Follow-up with the DC for any issues ( Hardware, Reboots or Upgrades

Services Optimization

      • Apache
      • IIS
      • MySQL
      • MS-SQL
      • Mail Servers (EXIM, Qmail, MailEnable etc…)
      • And Many More…

12×7 Servers Monitoring

      • Techs will be monitoring the Server 24×7
      • Restart Services if necessary
      • Fix issues if any of the services have problems

Basic & Advance Security

      • Server Securing and Hardening
      • Firewall Installation & Configurations
      • PHP Hardening
      • Rootkit and Root Access Alerts
      • Re-Secure a Server after Intrusion
      • Alerts on Brute Force Attacks
      • Root Email Alerts
      • And Many More…

Weekly Reports

      • Sending Ticket Reports ( Resolved, Pending and Closed Tickets )
      • Weekly Server Status Report (Disk Usages, Security Status, Server Performances etc.)

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