Emergency Support Services

We understand the emergency issues and importance of it. Any issues which needs immediate attention from below listed or anything in which you need expert help. We are right here to assist you 24×7 365 days on priority basis. Your orders are instantly activated, and your support ticket goes straight to our emergency support queue, our technical experts will act immediately once your ticket is logged. Please note even if your order is not activated you can still contact us via live chat or Ticket.
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We Consider the Following Issues as Emergency Based Services

      • Server Going Down Frequently
      • Load Spikes
      • Apache, LiteSpeed / MySQL / Exim Failed
      • IIS / MSSQL / MailEnable Failed
      • Abuse Investigations


        • Invoice paid but my Order is not yet activated?

Even if your order is not activated you can instantly open a support ticket.

        • When you will get started?

Make sure your server needs to be remotely accessible via SSH or accessible via KVM. We will be logging into your KVM or Linux Shell or RDP to do our work when we have the correct details. Your support ticket will be responded within 15 minutes.

        • Do I get dedicated admin service?

Absolutely yes!!

Support Features

        • Two hours of system administration work from the time the admin logs in the server
        • Response Time 15 minutes
        • 7 Days Valid Support after your Issue is Fixed
        • No Refunds