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365hostingsupport ultimate source of Server Security, cPanel server management and monitoring. Since 2012 we are offering top class technical support services at lowest prices. We offer 100% Satisfaction with 7 Days Money Back Guarantee.

365 Hosting support |  Server Management Provider - 365hostingsupport ultimate source of Server Security, cPanel server management and monitoring. Since 2012 we are offering top class technical support services at lowest prices. We offer 100% Satisfaction with 7 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Plain windows web-server VS Control Panel based web-server

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Lots off confusion and personal opinion will come up when we we talk about the Plain windows server and Control panel based server specially when we use it as web-server. Lots of things need to be considered while we thinking on the topic.

But obviously the control panel base server are more user friendly and hassles work. and might be a quick way to handle it by paying some extra money on the control panel. You may be thinking of saving some cost on the management of the technical support or upgrade of the panel.


Although sometimes having control panel we need to keep depend on the control panel provider to keep updated the patches and the security bugs in other hand for plain server if the person who is handling it is bit technical and familiar with the windows server side functioning can tweak it according to the need and do the custom changes as and when needed also having the more and more custom setting leads to protect from the most of the hacker as hacker generally take advantage of the commonly used panel bugs and the applications comes on it.


There are some free control panel comes for windows server but its recommended to check the security and the frequent update on the bugs from the opensource provider. Keep the plain server allow you to keep modifying the things according to your requirements time to time. If you planing to keep the plain webserver for you website you need to make sure that all the require modules and the function are enabled from the IIS and also if you using it as DNS and email server at same time. Its more sensible to configure it in well manner so that it wont get loaded or buggy and will keep your server secure.


Keep the firewall Active on your windows server does help a lot but its recommended to close all the unnecessary port on the server and only open the require ports . Keep your self familiar with the windows Even-log and the Task monitoring tools. Disable the sharing and the directory permissions secure.


365Hosting Support team having experience on handing the plain server more efficiently and keep it secure with the customize settings build over level of experience. The Admins  are always here to promptly reply your queries and   get it sorted for you. If you have low budget and need the secure place to host your server you on right place. Contact our live chat support and get more information on our server management plan now !




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DDOS and IPtables

Using following iptables rules we can try to stop ddos.

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp –dport 80 -i eth0 -m state –state NEW -m recent –set
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp –dport 80 -i eth0 -m state –state NEW -m recent –update –seconds 20 –hitcount 50 -j DROP

service iptables save

service iptables restart


DOS: How to check it?

Now a days DDOS attack became the usual in the server. You can follow the below checklist to Stop at certain extent.


1.How to find DOS attack on the server

[root@root]# pidof httpd

If you find more than 5 rows of PID from above command result, you can suspect there is DOS attack in the server.

2. Run the below script to confirm the DOS attack and block the IPs continuously.

[root@root]# netstat -plan|grep :80|awk {‘print $5’}|cut -d: -f 1|sort|uniq -c|sort -nk 1


[root@root]# netstat -an | grep SYN|sort|uniq|awk ‘{print $5}’|sed ‘s/\:/ /g’|awk ‘{print “csf -d “$1}’

you can find high hit from different IPs. Once You confirm DOS attack in the server ,

4. Now we have to check the “MaxClient” and Timeout value in Apache configuration.

MaxClients 150
Timeout 300

Timeout 300 is the default value. We can reduce bit lower into avoid DOS attack at certain extend

5. Now we have to find , on which are the domain, DOS attack is happening.

[root@root]# cd /usr/local/apache/domlogs/
[root@root]# ls -ltr |tail -50

(it will list the TOP 50 domains which are in high access.

6.Now, Run the following command to know the IPs which is hitting the particular domain..

[root@root]# tail -f domainname | awk {‘print $1’}

7. If the hit is coming from same IP, we can block only those IP. if hit is from different ranges of IP, we have to suspend or disable that account or can block the range of IPs.

8.Instead we can remove the DNS/pdns DB entry for the domain.

[root@root]# mv /var/named/domainname.com.db /var/named/domainname.com.db.bak[root@root]# touch /var/named/domainname.com.db

9. Also remove ZONE entry from PDNS.

10. In WHM : Apache status you can see the domain which is receiving more hits or request. As per that take an action.

11. If attack is not in control then make changes in csf.conf as follows

1. vi /etc/csf/csf.conf

find : CT_LIMIT and set it to 150


Set the values as follows:


Definition: SYN flood: A SYN flood is a type of DoS attack. A SYN packet notifies a server of a new connection. The server then allocates some memory in order to handle the incoming connection, sends back an acknowledgement, then waits for the client to complete the connection and start sending data. By spoofing large numbers of SYN requests, an attacker can fill up memory on the server, which will sit their waiting for more data that never will arrive. Once memory has filled up, the server will be unable to accept connections from legitimate clients.

3. Also enable PORTFLOOD as follows.

PORTFLOOD = “80;tcp;300;5”

3. save and exit

4. Restart csf.