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Cpanel Server Management
cpanel Server Management

Have you always wanted customised services for your server administration that would match your needs and fit your budget?

Look no further, 365 hosting support has got a solution to this. We now bring to you server support services to match all your needs. Our team of professional technicians are skilful enough to provide services for your server management, including wide range server administration and a high quality knowledge base.

Our Linux server technical support team is available 24*7 and you get an uninterrupted access to them for any support you may need. If your server faces any issue and require technical help, such as server optimization, server security and monitoring, or any other, our team is available to take care of such technical issues.

The following is the list of tasks performed by our Linux Server Administrators on customer request to maintain their dedicated server and ensure its security.

Webserver Security

  • mod_security which play vital role on web server to avoid hacks and malware, we do provide Installation and configuration of mod_security with our own customized ruleset.
  • Our customized Mod_Security ruleset blocks dangerous attempts to hack the server, we also provide flixibity to add an additional rule or disabling one is possible for us whenever needed as it a buch of many rules which cosists over the periods of database we gained while working on the attacks like DDOS,SQL Injetion,XSS,SLL attacks and many more..
  • Installation and configuration of fully compatible and full featured php version as per the requirements of the Application/client/CMS.
  • Installation of mod_evasive to prevent DDoS Attacks.
  • PHP Security (disabling few php functions which can be used for php backdoor: “exec, system, passthru, readfile, shell_exec, escapeshellarg, escapeshellcmd, proc_close, proc_open, ini_alter, dl, popen, parse_ini_file, show_source, curl_exec”)

Security Audit

  • Installation of Rootkithunter and configuring it to provide alerts and autorun on a daily basis – with detail reporting via email if anything goes wrong.
  • Repair or Re-installation of corrupt binaries.
  • ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cxs) Installation and configuration with details reporting and proactive approch. We also intigate it with ClamAV so that malware wont get upload.

SSH Security

  • Installing and compiling the latest version of OpenSSL.
  • Installing and compiling the latest version of OpenSSH and Configuring it with the latest version of OpenSSL.
  • Change the SSH port to Non-default, Disabling Root access and enabling key based access as per the client request.
  • Changing default SSH port, disabling SSH1 protocol and enabling SSH 2 protocol.

Firewall configuration

  • Installing CSF/APF/IPTABLE firewall (latest version) and Configuring the firewall to accept only incoming/outgoing connections on ports that are needed on a cPanel system.
  • Disabling port 22 (default SSH port).
  • Brute Force Detection setup and configuration with the firewall.
  • Custom socket monitor setup – This will send email alert whenever a new port is opened on the server or ssh login over the network.

Server Monitoring

Installing System Integrity Monitor to monitor the following services

  • Apache

  • MySQL

  • Email

  • Server load

  • SSH

  • FTP

Automation is the unique key we have and we try to appliment it on services as much as we can do. This enabled many features for the customer, indirectly we reduce your load. Our System will automatically try to fix any problems which may arise such as big log files that would automatically get recycled. If the system is not able to fix the problem itself it will send a notification to our support department.

Environmental security

  • Mounting /tmp partition with noexec permissions so that no files on these partitions can be executed.

  • Disabling compilers for all users but root.

  • Sysctl.conf hardening to make it much harder to get attacked by syn floods.

  • Symlink Owner Match Protection

  • Ptrace Block

  • Open basedir protection setup.

  • Installing chkrootkit and configuring it to send daily report to our support department.

Apache Tweaking

  • Installing Zend Optimizer.

  • Tweak Apache configuration.

  • Recompile Apache with commonly used Apache and PHP modules.

Securing Binaries

CloudLinux With CageFS

CageFS is a advanced virtualized file system and a bunch of many rule set and advance tools set get limit individual cpanel user in its own ‘cage’. Each cpanel user will have its own fully functional Operating system with a copy of all the system files, tools, Binary etc.


The benefits of CageFS are:

• Only safe binaries are available to user

• User will not see any other users, and would have no way to detect presence of other users & their user names on the server

• User will not be able to see server configuration files, such as Apache config files.

• User’s will have limited view of /proc file system, and will not be able to see other’ users processes

At the same time, user’s environment will be fully functional, and user should not feel in any way restricted. No adjustments to user’s scripts are needed. CageFS will cage any scripts execution done via:

• Apache (suexec, suPHP, mod_fcgid, mod_fastcgi)

• LiteSpeed Web Server

• Cron Jobs


• Any other PAM enabled service

DNS recursion restriction

We deliver the best results to our clients, combined with some outstanding support as 365hostingsupport is dedicated to provide the best budget Server Management Services.
So now you can focus on your business and we are here to look after the technology it banks on. With 365hostingsupport, your business is sure to grow.